These are a portion of the unsolicited positive comments from our clients and others: *

"Wow!  That's great news!  Thanks for your help with everything on this."  (March 2015)

"The Officer's Certificate that you have prepared is excellent."  (title officer, March 2015)

"Perfect."  (February 2015)

"Everything has been very much appreciated.  Thank you, Bob."  (February 2015)

"It's a very very good job.  I appreciate it."  (February 2015)

"I'm very happy and impressed with your work."  (February 2015)

"Thank you for your feedback.  You are such a good writer."  (broker for other side, February 2015)

"Thank you for looking out for my best interest.  You made a lot of good points."  (February 2015)

"You've uncovered a lot of issues, things that I didn't and wouldn't have noticed.  I appreciate your due diligence."  (January 2015)

"Thank you for stepping in while I was away to help my clients.  I know that your efforts gave them a great deal of peace of mind at a time when I was unavailable to assist them."  (co-counsel, January 2015)

"I appreciate all you're doing for us.  I'm glad to have you as my lawyer.  I appreciate your style and your common-sense approach."  (December 2014)

"I do so appreciate your willingness to try to help me with your advice and excellent letter.  If I hear of someone who needs your special kind of legal service I will certainly recommend you.   Again, deepest thanks."  (December 2014)

"Thanks again for your time and efforts in moving this process forward."  (opposing party, December 2014)

"I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you've done for us.  You've done a wonderful job for us, and you've kept me calm through it all."  (November 2014)

"We appreciate the work you have done on our behalf and for keeping me updated on all the developments, and reassuring me when it seemed rocky."  (November 2014)

"That's an excellent, excellent letter.  Thank you so much.  It spells it out exactly.  I really appreciate your help."  (November 2014)

"I am grateful for your help and support, and am encouraged that I made the right decision in engaging you for this matter."  (November 2014)

"Nicely done.  Thanks for all your help on this."  (November 2014)

"Thanks for your excellent legal advice and work!"  (November 2014)

"Thank you for the work you have done on behalf of our family and your patience seeing it through to its conclusion."  (October 2014)

"Thank you for your excellent letter.  It is very clear, right to the point but I don't feel threatening in any way.  Thank you for all your wonderful help."  (October 2014)

"Thanks for all your help and your hard work.  It's much appreciated."  (October 2014)

"Thank you for persisting for us."  (September 2014)

"I completed the transaction thanks to your amazing legal skills."  (August 2014)

"Looks good to go, excellent work as usual.  Thanks."  (co-counsel, August 2014)

"It sounds like you negotiated a really good deal for our family.  I really appreciate everything you've done."  (August 2014)

"Thank you, Bob.  It's just right."  (July 2014)

"Thanks to your skillful negotiations, the sellers did what we asked.  ::))) Thank you so much."  (July 2014)

"You're very nice to call me and reassure me."  (June 2014)

"You're like night and day from the other attorney."  (June 2014)

"I am very appreciative of your efforts and your sensitivity to me.  I wish we started with you.  You're amazing."  (June 2014)

"I appreciate you taking the time to review the matter so thoroughly."  (attorney for other side, June 2014)

"I'm happy you helped us out, because you helped speed things along.  I will definitely refer you to some of my clients."  (real estate broker, June 2014)

"You're being very thorough.  I'm very impressed."  (June 2014)

"The agreement can't get better than this."  (May 2014)

"I am grateful that I was referred to you."  (April 2014)

"Outstanding!  Very nicely worded.  Thanks for your help on this."  April 2014)

"As is typical of your letters, it's perfect!"  (March 2014)

"Great news.  I love to hear that we are moving forward very nicely.  Many thanks for your exerted efforts to get this step done."  (February 2014)

"The letter's great.  We both like it very much.  We think it's–we just think it's good.  You write great letters."  (February 2014)

"The letter apparently did something for him.  He called me and offered me a buy out.  Thanks for your help!"  (February 2014)

"The outcome was that the letters were quite successful and the advice probably saved our business."  (February 2014)

"We are excited and ever grateful for your support in this process."  (February 2014)

"It's a great letter.  It pretty much spells it out.  It's straightforward."  (January 2014)

"Thank you for your quick response."  (January 2014)

"Thanks for being so on top of things."  (January 2014)

"As always, thank you for your time and effort on our behalf."  (January 2014)

"Great work.  Our agent and I discussed your comments and found them to be very helpful and insightful.  Thanks for all your hard work "  (January 2014)

"This is perfect.  Thanks!"  (December 2013)

"Thank you for this thorough investigation and writeup."  (December 2013)

"We really appreciate the work you have done and will continue to do for this matter."  (December 2013)

"Thank you for devoting the time to getting this process accomplished as quickly as possible.  We greatly appreciate the work you've been doing for us."  (November 2013)

"I thought it looked really good, and I'm very happy with it."  (November 2013)

"Thank you for this information, it is all very helpful."  (November 2013)

"This has been incredibly helpful."  (November 2013)

"Wow, you leave no stone unturned."  (November 2013)

"Thanks for the hard work on this."  (attorney for other party, November 2013)

"I read the letter, and I think it looks real good.  I had a couple other people read the letter, and they think it looks real good."  (October 2013)

"Thank you for the consultation.  It was very informative."  (October 2013)

"Thanks for getting this back to me quickly Bob.  This revised agreement looks like it covers everything. "  September 2013)

"Perfect Bob, thanks."  (8/14/13)

"Thanks for interrupting your vacation to help with this, Bob.  I appreciate it."  (co-counsel, 7/31/13)

"Thanks Bob.  Appreciate all your help on short notice."  (7/3/13)

"I feel very pleased that you're involved."  (real estate agent, 7/3/13)

"This looks good.  You would make a great escrow officer, you can't imagine the garbage I get sent."  (title officer, 6/18/13)

"Excellent comments, Bob.  Thanks!"  (co-counsel, 6/12/13)

"Thank you for your diligent work and excellent advice.  I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends that are in need of legal services."  (4/10/13)

"You worked miracles behind the scenes.  Thank you so very much for your diligence and sensitivity to all the people concerned.  As you noted, emotions can run high during a transaction."  (real estate agent, 4/5/13)

"I am really happy.  That's great, great work.  Thank you so much.  We wouldn't have gotten so much without your efforts."  (3/28/13)

"I can't imagine doing this transaction without you, because you've made it so much easier."  (escrow officer, 3/14/13)

"I think you do a nice job with your drafting and your revisions.  I think you're careful."  (opposing counsel, 11/1/12)

"Thank you for your very thorough and strong letter.  It is very good in covering all the critical points we are most concerned about."  (7/31/12)

"Thank you for this extremely thorough and well thought out proposed strategy and letter."  (6/25/12)

"Thank you very much for your help in reviewing the documents.  I have a much better understanding of what those papers meant.  Thank you for your recommendations."  (4/19/12)

"I highly recommend Bob to assist you in the creating of the LLC."  (accountant, 4/16/12)

"This was exactly what I was looking for."  (3/16/12)

"I thought of you because I know you to be an extremely creative thinker and problem-solver."  (local attorney, 2/1/12)

"Thanks for your help!  It is truly appreciated much more than you may imagine."  (9/16/11)

"My dad thinks you're fantastic.  He wants to use you from now on because he can understand what you write."  (5/2/11)

"You have a natural gentle character that makes it easy for people to talk to you."  (6/2/11)

"I just think you're awesome.  I was totally impressed.  I'm so excited I picked you.  You don't know how many attorneys I talked to!"  (7/12/11)

"You have our complete confidence and support."  (7/17/10)

"I appreciate your levelheadedness through all this and your calm, reassuring disposition.  It's been comforting."  (5/4/10)

"You're about as diplomatic a guy as I know.  You're doing a hell of a job.  We really appreciate it."  (8/10/10)

"I thought that your letter was brilliant."  (7/26/10)

"It worked out really well.  I've enjoyed working with you before, and you've been very good for me."  (7/26/10)

"Thank you very much for your quick response.  I will no doubt sleep much better tonight."  (7/7/11)

"Thank you so much for your expertise.  I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness with which you addressed my concerns and interests."  (5/25/11)

"I like your feedback to our litigator.  It definitely gave our response some teeth."  (5/19/11)

"The letter is perfect."  (5/4/11)

"The outcome was very satisfactory, thanks again to the approach you had suggested."  (5/3/11)

"I thank you for the approach you took with regards the dispute because it gave all parties a chance to reflect upon finding a resolution that serves the interest of all parties."  (5/3/11)

"Thank you very much for all your hard work."  (4/11/11)

"Letter looks great."  (2/18/11)

"Your (as usual) well-thought out and precise response. " (real estate agent, 1/27/11)

"This is a beautiful letter you're going to send.  The letter is fantastic."  (10/26/10)

"This letter looks absolutely perfect to me.  I am in agreement with everything you said."  (10/12/10)

"Looks good.  And thanks for attending to this in a timely manner. :)"  (10/7/10)

"The broker said it looked really good."  (9/9/10)

"I thought you did a brilliant job of writing that letter."  (8/2/10)

"I also appreciate your constructive response to my concerns."  (7/20/10)

"Thank you for your diligence, I believe you have assembled some very valuable information."  (7/14/10)

"Thank you for your comprehensive investigation and report.  It is an outstanding piece of work."  (7/14/10)

"I will always be thankful for your support, and understanding."  (7/2/10)

"The thing I love about your letter, I've been in the business all my life, and I said, ‘Someone's done a lot of homework here.'"  (7/2/10)

"You did good."  (6/1/10)

"My client is really very pleased with your work.  Thank you very much."  (real estate agent, 5/6/10)

"Very helpful.  Thanks for being responsive to our needs."  (3/29/10)

"I really appreciate your jumping on that.  Thank you."  (3/25/10)

"My family appreciates your thorough and diligent work through this whole process."  (3/21/10)

"I appreciate all that you've done for us."  (3/15/10)

"We appreciate your thorough efforts in trying to make this work."  (3/9/10)

"Thank you, Robert. You have done a great job assisting our clients."  (real estate broker, 3/3/10)

"We all appreciate your time and energy toward the completion of this purchase."  (real estate agent, 2/22/10)

"Thanks a million ... you're amazing!!!"  (real estate agent, 2/16/10)

"Another terrific letter stating the facts.  Thank you so very much."  (real estate agent, 2/12/10)

"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your help.  Your personal intervention was incredibly helpful.  Your expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable and allowed me to reach my goal.  Your assistance means so much to me.  God bless you!"  (1/11/10)

"Bob Sloat is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!"  (real estate agent, 12/23/9)

"I think it is an excellent letter and conveys our sentiments exactly."  (real estate agent, 12/23/9)

"Thank you, thank you!  Your letters are right on target."  (real estate agent, 12/22/9)

"I don't have words to say thank you very, very much for your help."  (12/22/9)

"I loved the letter; the letter was perfect."  (11/12/9)

"I am very impressed with the care given to diplomacy."  (11/6/9)

"Thank you, Bob, for your prompt response."  (10/29/9)

"I appreciate the quick response."  (real estate broker, 10/27/9)

"You've taught me more than one lesson."  (10/27/9)

"Thank you for the prompt attention to this matter."  (10/23/9)

"A well-written letter stating clearly our position."  (10/19/9)

"We think the letter is great."  (9/17/9)

"I like the tone of the letter very much.  Thanks."  (9/2/9)

"We think the letter is brilliant."  (8/18/9)

"I'm so happy that–I mean, you are a math wiz, that is for sure.  We appreciate you being able to apply that."  (7/24/9)

"What you did helped enormously on the mathematical side.  Thanks for your help on the last part–that did the trick to make our corporate attorney happy."  (opposing negotiator, 7/24/9)

"You did an extremely skilled job of finding creative solutions.  We greatly value your counsel and appreciate completely your efforts on our behalf."  (6/22/9)

"Your heroic efforts are duly appreciated–more than you'll ever know."  (6/9/9)

"Great letter, really like it!"  (6/4/9)

"Thanks also for being so kind, I had a really good experience as a first time home owner entering into an odd situation!  Thanks for making it easier!"  (6/2/9)

"That's fantastic!  Man, that is marvelous!  That's a good result.  Thanks, Bob–job well done."  (3/26/9)

"I think this is an excellent way to do it, very clear, very nicely worked out.  It's well crafted."  (3/11/9)

"All your correspondence has been excellent, but I think you really gave it to him with both barrels."  (2/27/9)

"My sister said it's terrific, and I agree.  It covers all the bases."  (2/26/9)
* This is not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction of the outcome of your legal matter.
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