Here are more comments from our clients and others: *

"Your letter was outstanding.  I can hardly wait to hear the response."  (12/7/6)

"Thanks for all of your help.  It was worth it."  (12/2/6)

"You did a terrific job of not only incorporating what needed to be incorporated, but explaining your thought process."  (other side's attorney, 12/1/6)

"I like your letter.  It's great.  It's really something to see."  (11/8/6)

"I like the letter.  It's to the point.  It states the facts."  (11/2/6)

"These are really in plain English; I really appreciate that."  (client/judge, 10/28/6)

"That was perfect.  That was exactly what we wanted–simple, short, and direct."  (10/20/6)

"Thank you for responding so quickly to my issue with the neighbors.  I certainly appreciate it.  The letter you drafted is a very good representation of what my position is. "  (10/19/6)

"Everyone is very happy.  They like how you represented them."  (leader of client group, 10/6/6)

"I enjoyed your letter very much.  I think it is almost perfect and I think for now the remedies you suggest are very suitable."  (10/6/6)

"Great letter!  Let it fly."  (9/19/6)

"I really appreciated your help and your comments were most helpful.  I'm sure we will work together again."  (8/30/6)

"You wrote this kick-ass letter."  (8/17/6)

"Good letter, and straight to the point."  (real estate agent, 8/16/6)

"Thank you for really husbanding this thing along.  I'm very appreciative of your activity."  (client's business advisor, 8/1/6)

"I didn't thank you sufficiently for the very comprehensive summary package you prepared for future litigation counsel.  The work you've done will be of great assistance to him."  (7/31/6)

"Good letters.  The letter to the Seller seems the right tone."  (real estate agent, 7/25/6)

"Thanks for your thoughtful analysis.  It was helpful, particularly in shedding light on the other party's side of the dispute."  (7/15/6)

"Your response to the lease proposal was specific and to the point."  (real estate agent, 5/15/6)

"You have a very even, and pleasant personality and have always done a good job of representing me.  I appreciate your quick action."  (4/28/6)

"Thank you so much for taking good care of my clients.  I certainly appreciate your time and professionalism.  I know my clients are in good hands."  (loan broker, 4/25/6)

"This letter is very good.  I think it explains my situation very well."  (3/16/6)

"It was well written.  You caught our thoughts perfectly."  (3/15/6)

"This is very good."  (1/25/6)

"I think your skills are beautiful."  (12/29/5)

"I wouldn't change a word.  I think you did a hell of a job."  (12/14/5)

"Thank you for your work on cleaning up the title and keeping an extra eye on the transaction.  Hope we have an opportunity to work together again."  (11/18/5)

"I really liked it.  Thanks again.  This looks great!"  (10/29/5)

"Please know how appreciative we are for all of your work on our behalf."  (9/29/5)

"I knew you were the right man for the j-o-b!  Although an advocate, you have a conciliatory style that wins!  Thanks for taking great care with my clients."  (real estate agent, 9/26/5)

"You wrote a very strong letter."  (9/23/5)

"Many many thanks for your very effective intervention."  (9/22/5)

"That was a great letter."  (other party's real estate agent, 9/22/5)

"I just can't thank you enough.  I feel like I'm being protected.  I feel like I'm in good hands."  (9/13/5)

"You've just been super helpful."  8/24/5)

"I appreciate the way you write stuff."  (8/23/5)

"The letter you sent me to review is very well done.  Thank you for doing it."  (8/18/5)

"Wonderful work.  Very detailed.  The work looks great."  (8/10/5)

"I like your work, and I like your amiable nature."  (former opposing party, 8/10/5)

"I really appreciate your getting right on it."  (8/9/5)

"You do good work, by the way."  (other side's attorney, 8/1/5)

"Thanks so much for responding to our needs so quickly.  Thanks to your promptness, we had time to include most of the points that you pointed out (exactly what we were looking for–all great ones).  We feel confident that we understand this agreement and have covered all the bases."  (4/30/5)

"Thank you very much for the letter; it definitely got things moving along in the right direction."  (4/12/5)

"Your thorough approach and timeliness are very much appreciated and I intend to enter your name in our database."  (East Coast banker, 4/12/5)

"Very timely and very helpful."  (3/1/5)

"Thanks for this work–it is a good job."  (2/9/5)

"I think you have written a great letter.  Thanks again for your very creative and thoughtful efforts."  (1/29/5)

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