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"You did a very nice job on that, very nice job."  (12/16/4)

"I sure appreciate all your help.  You have been so persevering and patient.  I just appreciate it so much."  (12/9/4)

"Excellent letter.  Thank you for the research and a job well done."  (12/6/4)

"Wow!  Your insight and contribution is very worthwhile."  (11/22/4)

"Very nice letter.  Really nicely worded."  (8/23/4)

"Thanks for rushing the project through so quickly--I really appreciated it."  (8/5/4)

"It was extremely helpful, and the Board was very appreciative."  (6/4/4)

"Good for you!  I'm impressed!"  (title company president, 5/7/4)

"Well, you certainly open doors.  I appreciate that."  (3/10/4)

"You did a great job.  You're so cool, calm, and collected.  You're worth every penny to me."  (2/24/4)

"You write a damn good letter–short and brief and to the point."  (1/26/4)

"It's so helpful to have you doing this.  You really think clearly."  (1/14/4)

"The landlord's representative spoke very highly of you.  She thought that what you did was 100% appropriate for taking care of us."  (12/23/3)

"You did a really good job at negotiating the amendment."  (real estate agent, 12/22/3)

"This is great!"  (12/12/3)

"The work was good; the issue is important; and the fees are reasonable."  (12/3/3)

"I liked your letter a lot.  I think it was excellent."  (11/24/3)

"Thanks for the help.  I really appreciate it, that you were able to do that, and in a timely manner."  (10/10/3)

"I like the letter that you wrote very much and think that the tone is appropriate."  (10/8/3)

"It was very good, very succinct and to the point, very solid, very impressive."  (9/11/3)

"The letter is excellent.  I wouldn't change a word."  (8/29/3)

"Thank you so very much for the fine letter."  (8/12/3)

"I appreciate as always your professionalism in this and attention to detail."  (8/6/3)

"I deeply appreciate what you have done."  (7/31/3)

"Thank you for the great authorship, great cover letter, great content.  A masterpiece as usual."  (7/17/3)

"I like the letter.  It was factual, firm, yet cooperative."  (7/4/3)

"The letter looks great, thank you very much."  (6/24/3)

"FYI–your sellers were very pleased at the efficient way you handled this transaction."  (other side's exchange accommodator, 5/22/3)

"It was great working with you.  I wish I had more attorneys that hung in and coordinated like you do."  (escrow officer, 5/16/3)

"Thank you–tremendous job, Bob."  (other party to transaction, 5/15/3)

"Nicely done."  (client's tax attorney, 5/10/3)

"You did a great job for him too.  We just picked up where you left off."  (litigation co-counsel, 5/6/3)

"If this deal closes, will you represent me in my transactions?  You're doing a hell of a job!  I'm impressed."  (other party to transaction, 5/5/3)

"I want to commend you.  You really did a good job.  The seller was really impressed with your work.  You handled this complex matter really, really well."  (other party's attorney, 5/1/3)

"You took everyone's complicated ideas, you put it very simply.  You have a good ability to make things clear."  (attorney representing other side, 4/29/3)

"Thanks for the letter; that's going to be right on target."  (4/22/3)

"This is an excellent letter."  (4/21/3)

"You really did an awesome job in getting things worked out.  You're my hero of the month."  (real estate agent, 4/15/3)

"I like the new approach of the letter.  I know you are doing an excellent work."  (4/9/3)

"You are an extremely thorough and thinking attorney.  I'm so impressed with your letters and the thought that goes into them.  I think you do a great job."  (foreclosure trustee, 3/27/3)

"Looks like you've done your job well!  Thanks."  (3/19/3)

"You wrote a wonderful letter there.  I felt very good about handing that letter to the judge."  (3/10/3)

"I really appreciate your diligence.  Thanks for your hard and prompt work."  (2/14/3)

"I think you did a great job.  It's perfect."  (1/22/3)
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