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"Thanks for all the time and effort spent on that document.  You are great.  Your help is much appreciated!"  (12/12/8)

"You are always on the ‘first call' list for any of my clients."  (12/8/8)

"I appreciate the hard work."  (11/13/8)

"You're just what we needed to put the pieces together."  (10/24/8)

"Thank you for your help when I needed it."  (10/21/8)

"Thank you for being available to answer my questions especially on your weekend."  (10/20/8)

"The document is very well put together."  (10/8/8)

"The letter is superb as written–brief and direct."  (9/19/8)

"You have made my day with this news.  I am so very happy!!!"  (9/16/8)

"Thanks for your hard work.  We're glad to have you on board."  (8/16/8)

"He's very nice to work with."  (opposing party's broker, 7/10/8)

"Thanks for a great performance!"  (6/20/8)

"The report you gave me was very nice, excellent."  (5/27/8)

"Want to really thank you for all the help you gave me over the years and especially the startup & initial funding."  (4/15/8)

"Thanks for getting so much accomplished in the brief time span we were all working under!"  (opposing party's broker, 3/7/8)

"Thanks again for your hard work and diligence in this matter Bob."  (3/4/8)

"I am as happy as is possible with both the Sale document and the lease."  (2/6/8)

"Thanks again for your help, everything worked out great!"  (1/25/8)

"Thanks so much for getting it done so fast.  Everything looks great."  (1/25/8)

"Fantastic job."  (1/16/8)

"Thank you for your detailed analysis, it was most helpful.  Thank you also for the excellent changes to the lease document."  (12/6/7)

"I was encouraged when I read the letter, because I thought you presented it in a very compelling manner."  (10/26/7)

"I think it was fantastic."  (10/12/7)

"Your letter is on the nose."  (8/13/7)

"That's beautiful.  You did a beautiful job."  (8/6/7)

"You have been very professional and gracious.  Thank you."  (7/19/7)

"Thank you very much for your good job."  (6/28/7)

"Thank you as always for the help and clarity."  (5/15/7)

"We think the letter is excellent."  (4/10/7)

"I'm really pleased with the way you're working on this.  I think you're really looking at everything.  I'm really pleased with your work."  (4/10/7)

"Your take on this has been very accurate, and your conclusions are correct about what to pursue."  (3/27/7)

"You certainly worked very hard on that, and I really appreciate it.  I really feel my interests are well watched."  (3/23/7)

"You're doing a great job.  You're really focused on everything."  (3/22/7)

"Thanks again for working on the contract in such a timely manner even though you had to leave for the weekend."  (3/14/7)

"Very nice letter."  (2/6/7)

"I believe you're serving me well."  (2/4/7)

"That's what I love about you.  I think you're great at this.  So far you've been batting 1000."  (1/29/7)

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