Robert Wm. Sloat focuses upon forming and preserving successful business relationships for his clients.

Mr. Sloat advises clients pragmatically, from the perspective of his broad legal and business experience.  Rather than merely raising issues which obstruct a transaction, he helps his clients evaluate risks in their business context, advising creative, practical solutions.  He negotiates in a spirit of productive cooperation, to reach the client's goals without undermining business relationships.  Deals are documented clearly, anticipating and avoiding potential disputes.  Where differences arise, he is a strong advocate, effectively articulating and advancing his client's best interests, seeking to resolve disagreements without litigation.

Negotiating and documenting real estate and business agreements and resolving disagreements–this is the focus of Mr. Sloat's law practice.  It encompasses, for example, complex contract negotiations, purchases and sales of real estate and businesses, leases, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, customer contracts, and other transactions.  He often works with people caught up in a dispute, evaluating their legal rights and practical alternatives, then negotiating a realistic solution through vigorous advocacy.

Among his clients are real estate, engineering, technology, manufacturing, retail services, entertainment, advertising, telecommunications, and health care companies, and many individuals. 

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