We are committed to providing our clients with the legal services they need at an affordable cost, to the extent possible within our professional and financial capabilities.  Our primary concern is to meet our clients' needs; collection of fees, though necessary, is secondary.

Fees are recorded at our normal hourly rate, which is currently $395.  Out-of-pocket expenses are billed at their actual cost, without surcharge.  We keep the client informed through frequent statements. 

An initial payment is required at the first meeting, to cover the meeting and at least a portion of the additional work to be done.  We provide incentives for prompt payment of fees: a 5% bonus credit for advance payment and 2% for payment within 10 days.

We value face-to-face interaction with our clients, especially in their places of business, where we can gain a better understanding of their operations and challenges.  Consequently, we do not charge for travel time to and from the offices of local clients.

Because we never want a client to pay a fee which he or she considers to be unreasonable, we encourage clients to raise any questions about the charges so we can resolve their concerns.  We work with each client on an individual basis to design a practical financial arrangement.
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